Technical University of Kosice

Rector: Prof. Ing. Stanislav Kmet' Csc.

Professor: doc. Ing. Natasa Urbancikova PhD.


Faculty of Economics at the TU Kosice has long term experience with enhancement of the creativity of the youth. TUKE has been coordinator or the partner in many projects dealing with support of innovation and creativity e.g. Project ERASMUS+“OpenInn2.0: A Knowledge Generating House and  e-Assessment Model” which aimed at reinforcing innovation capacities and expanding learning opportunities of young talents by letting them exploit their intellectual capital and learn through creative expression, generate new ideas and creative solutions in real-life innovation with experts. Project ERASMUS +“SP4CE – Strategic partnership for creativity and entrepreneurship enhancement which promote the creativity of the students in the real company life. There were many other projects focused on young people to enhance their full potential and enable them to innovate.


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July 2022

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