Local Bloom Movement


The “Local Bloom” of the Smart Communities 2.0 project, as a special working structure, through the extremely colorful and above all honest system of relations between the university-village-city and the teacher-student-expert student, aims to contribute to the Slovak-Hungarian situation with significant backwardness and disadvantages. for the socio-economic rehabilitation of border villages.


The Local Bloom Movement is not a pedagogical institution, but a voluntary university and civic activity where students, educators and researchers, based on their own work experience, support children in schools in disadvantaged areas:


  • in the elimination of disadvantages acquired due to the conditions of the place, and
  • in presenting the possibilities of orientation in the labor market as well as standing.


As part of the project, we will organize study tours through which we want to expand the children's world of thought towards an economic life that will serve their future to the extent that depends on them.




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May 2024

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