Smart Working Groups


Smart Working Groups are core elements for Smart Village professionals' know-how transfer activities. The aim of the Working Groups is for the participating scientific and practical experts, furthermore policy makers to formulate policy recommendations for the two selected thematic areas at EU and V4 level. The two themes are "Info communication technology for smart villages" and "Smart transport in rural areas". Purpose of the Action is that Policy Recommendations could be integrated to the EU programming period 2021-2027 so ensuring sustainability of the project at policy level. 


"Info communication technology for smart villages"  Working Group

The thematic working group focuses on theoretical and practical issues of smart developments, solutions, services and ideas for villages. The working group aims to explore the possibilities arising from the use of information and communication technologies both from the scientific and the practical side, taking also into account the broadest interpretations of smart village development. In addition to the technological dimension, participants also evaluate the opportunities and challenges of smart village development in the context of local society, local knowledge, public services or data assets for villages.


"Smart transport in rural areas"  Working Group

The aim of the thematic working group is to present and discuss initiatives that can improve transport opportunities in rural areas by smart means. Participants present opportunities with both domestic and foreign examples.  We will speak about the transport of the peripheral areas of the micro regions, about sustainable transport and digitally interconnected transport systems, and about possibilities of evaluation and adaptation of foreign pilot projects.



Smart Working Groups have been organized on 15th April 2021 in Legénd, Hungary.


Local Development Hackathon in Rankovce and in Cered!

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June 2021

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