Center for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

General director: Dr. Károly Fazekas
senior research fellow: Dr. Mihály Lados

The Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, under the umbrella of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is a legal entity consisting of three institutes. The research centre conducts theoretical and empirical studies in the field of economy, world economics, regional processes and in other interdisciplinary areas of social sciences. The Institute of Regional Studies focuses on the spatial aspects of innovation, local and regional economic development and formulates research-based policy recommendations. The Institute explores the process of modernisation across settlement networks, conducts research into local development and cross-border socioeconomic cooperation. Its additional activities include participation in bachelor and master level university training programs. In cooperatin with IBM Hungary, West Hungarian Reserach Department inplemented the first Hungarian research on Smart Cities in 2011. WHRI has intiated a monthly discussion on Smart City issues in Gyor since Sep 2015.


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July 2022

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