Interindustria Knowledge Center Foundation

Chairman of Board: Dr. Csaba Gergely Paróczai

Interindustria Foundation (ITA) was established in 2012 by civil individuals, committed to economic development of the area, eg. academic staff of the former higher education institution, leaders of corporations and other institutions operating in the county. As a bridge organisation between the actors of triple helix (academia, government and industry), its sustainable operation is ensured by a wide economic and social cooperation network, including also the Energetics, Machine- and Steel-framework Manufacturer and Mechatronic (EGME) Supplier Cluster and COGITO Primary Cultural and Education Centre. Project management and professional expertise of ITA are supported by participation in different EU co-financed projects:
- SMART CITY Concept development in Gyula and Salgótarján (TÁMOP, 2015)
- Status report on local SMEs and demand-based development of economist education (ROP)
- Model development of the eco-village with employment of young graduates (ROP)


PUBLIC PROJECT CLOSING EVENT of the project Smart communities

The project Smart Communities, Virtual Education and Research and Development and Innovation Network in the Slovakian - Hungarian border region SKHU/1601/4.1/210 has started in May 2017 and after almost 2 intense years is coming to its end. Can it be considered a successful project? How did all the project partners master the project execution? All those answers and much more will be provided within the Public project closing event which will take place on April 12 in Filakovo, Slovakia. 

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May 2019

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