Train the Trainers and School Clubs

This activity contributes to increase the public awareness towards programming and teaching, in parallel to traditional and less efficient forms of education, it is a new form of direct feedback.
The activity will be built as follows:
1. Developing a course booklet from Digital Magia for Train the trainers, which includes a short thematic breakdown of School Clubs.
2. Purchasing of necessary tools for Train the Trainers and School Clubs - IT panels
3. Train the Trainers (teacher training): teaching Digital Magia to teachers and the trained teachers pass their knowledge to the children in the School Clubs.
4. With the help of trained teachers, organizing School Clubs. The School Clubs start participating students in programming learning.


1. Developing course booklet from Digital Magia
mailTrain the Trainers COURSE BOOKLET (in Hungarian lang.)
mailTrain the Trainers COURSE BOOKLET (in Slovak lang.)

2. IT panels for Train the Trainers and School Clubs

IT panel parts
Dupont cabel Fotoresistor Neopixel smart led
push-button Piezo Pololu microcontroller
test panel yellow diffuse led       tilt switch
IR receiver   IT panel         IT panel


3. Train the Trainer (teacher training)



4. Organizing School Clubs



Project appraiser in Fil'akovo

Cross-border project for ‘Smart Communities’ have been implemented with the leadership of the Interindustria Knowledge Center Foundation (ITA), whose project closing event was held on April 12, 2019 at Gymnasium Fil’akovo.

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January 2021

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