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enlightenedSmart Communities Academy, HERLANY - The Proceeding of Abstracts

enlightenedSmart Communities Academy, HERLANY – The Proceeding of Papers and Presentations


17-18 May 2018.
Herl'any, Slovakia

The workshop „LOCAL AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: BUILDING SMART COMMUNITIES” is open for local and community development experts and practitioners, academics, PhD students, early career researchers, local leaders, social innovators, urban and regional planners from the Central-Eastern European countries, working within the fields of regional development, rural and urban development, economics, finance and public administration. It offers specific training and provides an opportunity for interaction amongst local and community development experts, practitioners, researchers and public administration. The Workshop is focused on the following themes:

  • Smart Cities and Smart Communities
  • Smart Specialization
  • Regional Geography, Demography and Health
  • Regional or Urban Labour Markets
  • Smart Rural Development
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Peripheries
  • Infrastructure, Transportation and Accessibility             
  • Regional and Urban Perspectives on Individual Well-Being
  • Regional Finance and Investment
  • Local Governance & Community Development
  • Resilient Regions and Cities
  • Globalized Economy, Enterprises and Financial Stability
  • Cross-border Cooperation
  • Managing Migration and Diversity
  • HRD and Local Human Resources




28-29 September 2017.
Legénd, Hungary

As the first step of the project, the Smart Communities Academia has been organized between 28 and 29 September 2017 in Legénd, Nógrád county. The Szent István University, especially the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences was responsible for organizing and professional coordinating of the international workshop and conference.

The plenary speakers of the event were as follows:

  • Dr. Dávid Csaba Mezei, deputy state-secretary for agricultural and rural development strategic affairs, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Mihály Balla, Member of Parliament, development commissioner,
  • Nándor Skuczi, president, Nógrád County Assembly,
  • Tamás Tunkel, mayor of Legénd Village,
  • Anna Bíró, vice-president, Association for the Renewal of the Countryside
  • Gerard Van Berkum, citizen of Legénd Village.

The aim of the international conference was also to create a common forum for the professionals working in practice and in the academic sphere focusing on the objectives of the project. At the conference, professionals, university lecturers, PhD students could present their research results and experience in topics related to smart communities in 6 – English and Hungarian – thematic sessions. The success of the event is proved by the high number of participants – 100 people from 25 countries.

From the submitted manuscripts, a scientific conference proceeding is going to be published to be coordinated by the HAS Center for Economic and Regional Studies.

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Smart Communities Academy

As the first step of the project, the Smart Communities Academia has been organized between28 and 29 September 2017 in Legénd, Nógrád county.

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